The TaxTick logo: a way to incentivise companies to pay their corporate taxes

The TaxTicked concept:
A logo that would enable consumers to support companies that don't use tax avoidance schemes,
and an incentive for companies to meet their tax obligations.

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UK corporate tax avoidance is starving our public services of vital funds:

  • Corporate tax avoidance is costing us over 12 billion a year.
  • 50 companies alone also owe over 36 billion in "deferred taxes", with no due date in sight.
And the problem is getting worse:

istock coupon are considering moving their corporate tax base to a cheaper tax regime. (Apparently, the UK's lenient 28% rate is just not low enough for them.)

How a "Tax Tick" could help:

It's time to reward companies that pay the taxes expected of them – and send a message
to those that don't.
By filling your supermarket trolley with brands that displayed a Tax Tick, you could do exactly that.

If we want to keep our schools, universities, hospitals and state pensions afloat, a Tax Tick logo is a good way to start.

A great opportunity for tax-compliant marketers:

Companies that take their social responsibilities seriously are heavily handicapped right now. But by qualifying for and displaying a Tax Tick, they would enable the market to reward them for their good citizenship.

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